Septic Tank, Chemical Toilet & Grease Waste Pumper Management Program

Pumper station opening with hose




State law requires all cleaners of septic tanks and chemical toilets to register with the county in which they operate. 

This department under the authority of the County Ordinance Code Section B11-210, administers the regulation of cleaners, on a countywide basis, through the registration and inspection of vehicles used to clean and transport this waste and requires the submission of monthly pumping and disposal reports. 

The program investigates complaints concerning septic tank and chemical toilet pumpers.

Pumpers that clean grease traps and interceptors in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County are regulated under the authority of the County Ordinance Code Section B11-240

The program also investigates complaints regarding grease pumpers operating in the unincorporated areas. 

Forms and Documents (PDF)

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